Birmingham, born and raised.

Meet Mari

For Michigan’s Future

I’m running for State Representative because for far too long, those in power in Lansing have continued the failed policies of the past, shown complacency, and are not creating a Michigan that matches our current or future needs. Elected officials should be focused on building economic and educational opportunities that will lay the foundation for our state’s future success, so young people will want to remain here rather than move away, and families will want to continue to raise their children here in Michigan.

I also believe that our government should reflect the people it represents. Our community is creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, and giving. We deserve strong leadership in Lansing that will listen to our community’s concerns and needs. I will be a vocal advocate on our behalf for policies that will benefit future generations, and will champion our shared values.



After receiving a great education from our universities here in Michigan, too many young people move away because they cannot envision a future for themselves in Metro Detroit. Ensuring Michigan remains economically competitive in the 21st century requires creativity and ingenuity—qualities that have deep roots in our state. Shifting our economy from antiquated practices toward strategies that will move Michigan’s workforce into the future will be crucial to achieving prosperity here in the 40th District. I will be a vocal advocate in Lansing on behalf of our community for economic security for working families and will champion economic practices that will encourage young people to remain in Michigan long after graduation.


Michigan families should be able to count on our public schools to provide a quality education for their kids, laying the foundation for their future success. Michigan has been falling behind in educational achievement, particularly in math and science. Restoring confidence in our public schools starts with properly funding education in our state across the board—from Pre-K to our colleges and universities—thereby ensuring our students achieve the success they are entitled to. We must begin prioritizing programs and curricula that not only give students the freedom to be creative, innovative, and contemplative, but also generate a passion for learning. In addition, it is imperative to support our teachers by ensuring they are paid equitably for their dedication to our children’s future, and attracting new, well-trained, young people to the profession, who are inspired to do their job each day.


Michigan is home to 21% of the world’s fresh water, and Oakland County has more than 350 lakes. Efforts by the federal government to slash funding to both the Environmental Protection Agency and initiatives to keep our Great Lakes clean threaten the future of Michigan’s environment. This means that our state government needs to take the lead in protecting the state’s natural treasures. Increasing funding for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality will be critical to ensuring our ability to monitor the cleanliness and safety of our air and water. Additionally, with Michigan’s tourism industry thriving, taking measures to maintain and protect our State Parks will continue to make our state a destination. Finally, we must expand our investment in renewable energy practices and incentivize clean manufacturing so that our beautiful state can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Volunteer with Team Mari to canvass, organize and connect our community.